Industry leading installation speeds

Voyager delivers enhanced ROI for its customers


  • Up to 56% fewer posts per MW
  • Up to 41% lower installation time than industry average*
  • Less than 210 Man-hr/MW to install*

*Based on 3rd party comparison of Voyager vs. a selection of other 1P and 2P systems in the marketplace.


  • 2P configuration provides optimized panel performance
  • Increased production up to 6% with SunPath solar backtracking and diffuse light capture


  • Supports  20-60% GCR 
  • 60m row configuration/ 2P design provides layout optimization on rugged sites, achieving optimum MW per acre with minimized grading


  • Engineering innovations promote lean construction and ensure efficiency
  • Ongoing customer collaboration / standard operating procedure

Voyager can lower your costs

Aerial Highlights

Voyager+ Simplicity By Design

About the Voyager Tracker

  • Fast Installation

    Engineered for efficient construction, Voyager is one of the fastest trackers to install in the entire industry, which together with savings on materials due to our design methodologies saves 1.5-2.0 cents per watt vs leading 1P and 2P competitors.

  • Adaptation to Rough Terrain

    Voyager excels on projects that have steep terrain, rough soils or constraints on land area.

  • Superior Software Architecture

    Voyager provides reliable communications between row, zone and site controllers with 3-day autonomy.​

View & Download the Voyager+ Datasheet


FTC Solar provides extensive training and expertise to help clients through the process of developing a project with our Voyager tracking system. From preliminary training at our research facility near Denver and on-site training we help our clients get a fast and efficient start by organizing supply chain, logistics, and operations teams, and customizing laydown yards and delivery schedules.


FTC Solar’s engineering team stands ready to provide project design support using the SunDAT software. We create site layouts including electrical and structural designs, and analysis of topography and pile requirements. Through expert analysis of important impacts on your solar system, the Voyager engineering services team delivers superior design, efficient construction and profitable performance.