SunDAT Desktop: Pricing & Features

Please note: The current desktop version of SunDAT requires SketchUp.  We strongly recommend using SketchUp Pro, which is an additional cost not included in the pricing below.  You can find more details about SketchUp here.

Project Setup & Analysis
Import DWG, KMZ & ImageryYesYes
Local Wind, Snow, Seismic Data (US)YesYes
Boundary & Obstruction KeepoutsYesYes
Shadow Analysis & SetbacksYesYes
Topography & Slope AnalysisYesYes
Equipment & Components
Rooftop, Ground & Canopy Table DesignYesYes
Multi-Table Block DesignYesYes
Global Equipment LibraryYesYes
User Customized EquipmentYesYes
PV System Design
Automated Module LayoutYesYes
Energy AnalysisYesYes
Single Line DiagramYesYes
Bill of MaterialsYesYes
DC Electrical Design & Wire ScheduleNoYes
Automated Design (Scripting)NoYes
Parametric Inputs for LayoutNoYes
Cost Estimation and FinanceNoYes
Design to DWG or SketchUp LayOutYesYes
AutoCAD and LayOut TemplatesYesYes
Production/Yield Report + 8760YesYes
Coming Soon…
Design Management, Sharing & VersioningYesYes
Product Support
SunDAT Forum AccessYesYes
Email SupportYesYes
Web-conference/Phone SupportNoYes