Voyager Tracker
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Engineering Excellence & Technical Leadership

Innovative design adapts to rugged terrain; engineered efficiency drives EPC savings on installation and electrical costs.

What is Voyager Tracker?
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DG Solutions
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Two Companies. One Team.

FTC Solar's DG Solutions business unit with AUI Partners provides solar tracking services for sites under 20MWS.

Solar Design Software

Ground mount, rooftop and canopy systems. Optimized for utility-scale and large C&I systems.

What is SunDat?
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What is Atlas?
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Solar Portfolio Management Software

Enterprise software for your solar business. Financial management, team collaboration, and project management all in one powerful package.

Enhance Solar Energy Production

SunPath uses sophisticated algorithms and satellite data to minimize impacts of shading and clouds.

Download SunPath Datasheet

Voyager Tracker

Voyager is a next generation, single axis, two-in-portrait tracker, that is producing enhanced power yields around the world. Voyager reduces installation costs through patented design and superior engineering that facilitates lean construction methods. It's an ideal choice for bifacial panels.


FTC Solar software enhances the efficiency and reliability of its tracker systems. SunDAT PV software enables rapid development of utility-scale and C&I projects. Atlas solar portfolio management software helps solar companies reduce risk, manage finances and facilitate stakeholder collaboration.

Engineering Services

FTC Solar offers a wide array of pre and post engineering services that support solar projects from concept to completion. We can design your system, consult on engineering and validate final designs. We partner with our customers to achieve outstanding results.

FTC Solar has delivered over 3.5 GW of trackers across more than 100 utility-scale projects.

we deliver engineering excellence and technical leadership

  • Installations worldwide

    The FTC Solar team has more than 3.5 GW of trackers delivered around the world including in the US, Vietnam and Australia.

  • North American Projects

    As of 2021 we have supplied dozens of utility-scale arrays in various locations, including North Carolina and South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Utah, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, Nevada, Texas and California. Last year FTC Solar delivered trackers to solar plants in Oregon, Louisiana, and California.

  • Proven experience

    The FTC Solar team represents decades of experience in the solar industry including engineering, project development, silicon fabrication and manufacturing of racking and tracker components. Team members have worked for many different companies deploying utility-scale projects around the world.

  • Production

    Through contract manufacturing relationships with factories around the world certified to manufacture the Voyager tracker, FTC Solar has an annual production capacity of 8 GW.

41% reduction in installation time with Voyager

compared to other solutions*

*Based on 3rd party comparison of Voyager vs. a selection of other 1P and 2P systems in the marketplace.

View & Download the Voyager+ Datasheet


OREGON 30MW 2019

NEVADA 130MW 2020

VIETNAM 50mw 2019