Our People

The deep experience of the FTC Solar team  – decades spent deploying solar structures to projects around the world – is the reason we are here. As we grow, we want to attract experienced, passionate people and give back to their families and communities.

Operational Experience

FTC Solar’s core responsibility is the successful production, installation, and operation of the Voyager solar tracker at the projects in our pipeline.  We do this through rigorous implementation of our systems and processes as well as transparent communication with our partners. 

Technology Innovation

Voyager is a leading-edge solar PV tracker, offering important architecture advances that lower installed costs and improve operational performance. FTC Solar will keep pushing  forward with new technology to ensure that our tracking systems remain at the forefront of the industry.


Hiring Our Heroes is a non-profit organization that helps military veterans launch their careers after serving in the military.  One of the hardest things for returning veterans is finding employment, coming home to a competitive business environment and integrating into a non-military culture. Maybe it’s not even picking up where you left off, but starting all over again with a new and exciting career. Hiring Our Heroes doesn’t just help people find jobs, it helps them start their careers. We welcome our new veteran employees and hope they find lasting satisfaction in the solar industry! 

Jesse Kadel

Jesse Kadel served for the last 13+ years as an Army Artillery Officer in the 82nd Airborne Division in North Carolina and Germany. He was an artillery unit commander, senior staff officer, liaison officer with US and NATO Air Force fighter squadrons, and an operations officer for a 800+ person artillery battalion. Jesse chose FTC Solar for his fellowship because he was impressed with the company’s values and culture. He's also passionate about transitioning to the renewable energy industry.

Eric Espinoza

Texas native Eric Espinoza worked with aviation ordnance during his time in the army, as a technician, in logistics and managing a multi-state inventory. He was in charge of monitoring allotments for ammunition, rockets and missiles for five squadrons throughout the East Coast and in Louisiana. Before that he was a juvenile probation officer. Eric says that he believes renewable energy can benefit millions of people - there is considerable untapped potential in the industry he says - and he wants to be a part of that.

Juan Juarez

A medic by trade, Juan Juarez has been a manager of large projects in the military, sometimes with sections up to 250 people. Now retired from military service, Juan says he was attracted to FTC solar because of the culture of the company and its core values, including ways that FTC Solar takes care of its employees. He also says that though he hasn't had experience in the solar industry yet, he's eager to learn as much as he can. Juan is married to Irene with three wonderful children all under the age of 20.


Director of Mechanical Engineering | October 2020

Lead the FTC Solar mechanical engineering team in all aspects of  tracker development, including planning, designing, testing and certification. Experience  with solar trackers required. Learn more

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